Analyse your Emotions to Grow as a Streamer.

Grow up as streamer with Emogg

Your personality defines your stream type. Your streams are a representation of your moods. And even if you have a very loyal audience, your emotions can tip the balance. 

You have to have direct interaction with your viewers. Ask them questions, ask them to write, read to them, in short interact. But what if your laughter, anger or surprises conditioned the viewers’ participation? This is obviously the case, but until now you haven’t been able to know how it has directly affected your live show.

Emogg is a solution to detect if your stream is more lighthearted than others or if it is a stream full of tension. Emogg collects the emotional information you share in your streams and helps you give it value. It makes it easier for you to read your stream so that you can enhance your strengths and help you reach the audience you deserve.

Success lies in a good mix of entertainment and work. You can offer unique and differential content with Emogg. We will start testing our first prototypes with betatesters. If you want to be one of the first streamers to use Emogg, go here.

We are starting now!