Emogg emotion connection

Emotions in the stream.

Emotions in the Stream.

Emogg emotion connection

Connecting with viewers in a stream requires prior preparation. Setting up the graphics, configuring the OBS/Streamlabs and hitting the broadcast button. Whatever type of content you broadcast, the connection that encourages viewers to keep watching is your attitude and your ability to interact.

Everything you express in your live shows comes from your emotions. Laughter, nerves, tension and even desperation are transmitted through the stream. How can we make this part of the show? or how can we take advantage of all this to get more out of the stream?

With Emogg you can use emotions to your advantage, as part of the show, so you can share them in your stream in a way that is easy and intuitive for your audience. Through your Just Chatting conversations, your competitive games or your for fun hours, you can discover a new way to connect, entertain and grow as a streamer.

Listening to your viewers is also a great option. Give value to what they tell you, let them participate in your broadcast and create interactive content through emotions.

We will start testing our first prototypes with Beta Testers. If you want to be one of the first streamers to use Emogg, go here.

We are starting now!



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