Increase the impact of your content, actions, and events.

Measure the emotions of any experience, and enhance your audience engagement.

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Measure the emotions of any experience in just 3 steps:

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Measure your content's impact


Measure moments of peak engagement and attention drops in your content.


Record all emotional data from your sessions and receive instant results.


We adhere to the European standards concerning GDPR compliance.

Unlocking Our Method

At Emogg, we have developed our own artificial intelligence trained to process multiple data sources and accurately recognize emotions.

Behind Emogg, there’s a team specializing in three fundamental pillars:

  • Science
  • Technology
  • High-performance sports


ncover all the benefits you can achieve with Emogg:
Emogg Core

Emotional tracking.

Added Services

Streaming and events.
Audiences and Focus Groups.
Consultancy and Training.
Leagues and broadcasting.
Brands and Campaigns.
Performance coaching.

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Measure the emotions of any experience:

  • Meeting
  • Event
  • Focus group
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The Team Behind Emotions

Gabi Daza (PhD)
Head of Academic Research
Richi Serrés
Cofounder at Emogg
Edgar Sanjuán
CEO & cofounder at Emogg
Alejandro Larrazábal
Cofounder at Emogg
Mario Enjuanes
CTO at Emogg
Cristian Menchero
Performance Specialist at Emogg
Andrés Pérez
ngineer at Emogg
Manu Molina
R&D engineer at Emogg
Jon Llaguno
Advisor at Emogg
Julio Vasco
Advisor at Emogg
Edgar Sanjuán
Cofundador & CEO de Emogg
Richi Serrés
Cofundador de Emogg
Alejandro Larrazábal
Cofundador de Emogg
Mario Enjuanes
CTO de Emogg
Gabi Daza (PhD)
Responsable de la investigación acadèmica
Cristian Menchero
Performance Specialist en Emogg
Andrés Pérez
Ingeniero en Emogg
Manu Molina
Ingeniero I+D+i en Emogg
Jon Llaguno
Asesor externo de Emogg
Julio Vasco
Asesor externo de Emogg

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Crta. de Sant Cugat 63 A, 2º 6ª
08191 – Rubí (Barcelona)

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